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Jina consistently delivers the, "What can I do for you," attitude. Those she works with quickly learn that, and she humbly wants everyone to know. 

Those who choose Jina are among the best in the world, the most important to our community, and the mom-n-pop shops customers can't wait to find. They tell Jina how she's helped them, in hopes that others can experience the same level of service. 



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"Jina is incredibly responsive to requests. She clearly lays out expectations and the process for design. She's open to feedback and able to incorporate changes effectively. Icing on the cake is her incredible turnaround time. Jina is fast and

Sara Veltkamp

Communications Strategist

Minerva Strategies

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thorough. She never lets pieces fall through the project management cracks and is determined to give clients what they need, and feel good about sharing with their supporters."

"Jina developed hundreds of useable brand assets, and six really effective KeyNote presentations to pitch to VP’s. Everyone is really impressed."

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Antonio Pizzutelli

SR UX Manager


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"I was the demanding publisher of Diamond Cake Magazine; Jina came on as creative director and eventually, like everyone else, she didn't like working with me. I knew jack about publishing...the people I reported to expected the magazine to perform, big time. When the  books were in production I met with Jina every morning. She talked me through the process like she was doing it in her sleep. Jina made it easy for me to look great to my bosses."

Jimmy Foster


Diamond Cake Magazine

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"I appreciate Jina's thoughtfulness, her attention to detail, and investigative skills in determining what I had in mind. The final products were beautifully realized and beyond my expectations."

Michael Perera

Owner & Career Coach

Seattle Career Coaching

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Tanya Vaughn

Inventor & CEO

See Everything Everytime

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"Jina was able to quickly design a  brand for my company by using very little information. Their talents are creative and concise, coming up with the best brand that I could ever have dreamed of. I'm now using the branding, packaging, trade show materials for all my manufacturing and public appearances. Her delivery is very timely. When something comes up and I need something quickly, Jina balanced her skills to help me at a minutes notice; she does a fantastic job under pressure. The designs that Jina creates are so amazing. I refer her to everyone needing branding and creativity for their business. I will always use Jina for any additional needs."

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"Jina's creativity is awe-inspiring. Jina's been my on-call creative director for over a decade because I need eye-catching, effective marketing materials. Her concepts are always aligned with industry standards and are optimized for the end-user, which improves my business’s reputation and bottom line. When it was needed, Jina was willing to go through round after round of revisions to find the perfect look and feel for my marketing materials and website. Jina is an excellent listener,

taking into account my marketing

objectives while suggesting ways to

make all of the projects even more

effective and visually-appealing than

I could have imagined."

Julia Hustler

Founder & Sr. Accountant

Strategic Accounting Services

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"The changes that Jina incorporated over the last several issues of NW Lawyer Magazine have been very positive. The marketing team at the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has done a wonderful job retaining her. Some of the changes were subtle, and some of them more pronounced. All of them reflect the high standards I have come to expect from the WSBA. I now tend to spend more time reading and perusing NW Lawyer than I did with the older format. While the content may be the same, the changes to the layout have made the publication more reader-friendly and more engaging."

Steven D. Weier

Lawyer, Law firm owner & CPA

The Law Offices of Steven  

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"Jina delivers design ideas that are aligned with my company's brand look/feel while stepping it up a notch! Jina is creative and efficient; she is an out of the box design leader. Jina provides fast turn around, clear expectations about process and length of service, and she is receptive to changes. I experience her as punctual, unafraid of offering unique design ideas, and open to the collaborative process between client and expert."

Amelia Wood

Owner & Performer

The Great Surprisal

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"We launched a new program and Jina gave us so many great logo options, it was unbelievable."

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Spencer Reichley

Account Specialist


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"Jina is amazing. She really seeks to understand what you want. She's competent, fast, friendly and clear to work with. Deliverables are high quality designs! Great with digital and print materials. Jina cares about making you happy, getting your style vs. other designers who just want to do their own thing."

Jenny MacLeod

Author & Business Coach

Jenny Girl Friday

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"I would highly recommend Jina to help unify your brand across all media platforms. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. She gave me many wonderful design options to choose from through each phase of my projects (logo, business cards, webpage, and rack card). Jina was very open to my suggestions and welcomed my input on content. Email responses were extremely timely and so was turnaround time on the projects. Besides being highly skilled, kind, patient and fun to work with, Jina produced high quality and professional material."

Jody Dexter

Owner & Physical Therapist

Dexter Physical Therapy

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"Jina listens closely to capture our vision, she works expediently to deliver products on-time every time, and she's flexible when we need to change directions. Jina is the most talented creative director and designer I’ve ever worked with."

Tavia Rhodes

Development Director

Evergreen Treatment Services

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People hire Jina because she's an approachable design expert who hit's the ground running to refine their brand or continue its greatness. Jina will clarify and sharpen brand messaging, and create stunning visual projects in record time. If this sounds like what you need, Jina wants to know all about it!  

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