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Brand Identity

Responsive Web Design
Print Collateral

PowerPoint Template Design

The owner of Strategic Accounting Services (SAS), set up shop and wanted business to boom fast. To support her in-person networking efforts, and to give a face to her new business, Brandscape reignited an old identity system, and stratagized how to reach the most amount of potential clients, in the shortest amount of time, costing the least amount of money; that simple sweet spot every business owner is looking for. After the basic business papers, we started designed a simple responsive website, and an easy to edit PowerPoint template for workshop presentations.


The interlocking squares of the SAS logo symbolize the partnership between accountant and client. The trusted strength that's needed to bring on a person who's responsible for accuracy, compliance, oversite and confidence. With the coupling of clean and classic typography, the logo mark is strong and infinitely unbreakable. 

Strategic Accounting logo.png


The responsive website needed to be accessible by the business owner for quick changes, or an in-house designer to take over someday; that's why Jina created the site on a direct-to-consumer on-demand platform that's easily editable, easy to use and accessible anywhere there's an internet connection. 


The SAS website immediately shows dilignet workers participating in bookkeeping and accounting so that end-users will quickly glean this can be a speedy website browsing experience.

The site quickly shows core competencies and QuickBooks expertise so that potential customers know SAS can jump onto their current set up, or set up the industry standard for them.

Micro-animations are strategically metered to appear to ad interest to a webpage, especially if the content is considered traditionally not exciting.


 "Anything I need is within Jina's wheelhouse, from a specific image for a social media post, to reformatting boring website text to appear interesting and easy to read. I’m consistently impressed with her thorough communication and inspiring deliverables."

Julia Hustler

Owner & Accounting Manager

Strategic Accounting Services

SAS PPT-4 BS-Website.jpg


All small business owners, whose business professionals who do a lot of in-person business, know that networking, workshopping, presenting and sponsoring events are all great ways to make connections, get referrals, and new business. To do that successfully Julia needed a presentation she could edit to appeal to her audience to take  action and contact her for service. Brandscape put together a PowerPoint template exemplifying the SAS brand standard, so Julia can edit the text as needed.

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