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Jina designs one-of-a-kind logos showing the visual representation of your business, event or endeavor. The process is easy, whether she works with clients who know exactly what they want, or clients who have no idea what they want. With Jina's design expertise, coupled with understanding your target audience, the she creates stunning logo marks and typographic solutions that you will love. The following are examples are some of her favs, accompanied by collateral pieces that were needed immediately after creating the logo. 

Sue Holm Logo Lock Up_CMKK.png

Sue Holm, Money Coach

Sue Holm provides a bridge to people and their functional relationship with money. As a lawyer and a solopreneur she needed a logo and business papers that instantly let people know she could lead clients across the bridge to financial organization. 

Credit: Jual Baltran, logo illustration

Sue Holm Logo Lock Up_K.png

Stress Ninja

Stress Ninja was a startup with an on-demand and available product that needed overall branding immediately. Jina went to work formulating a fun and fresh look-n-feel while donning serious, statement making typography. Within two weeks, the face of Stress Ninja was born, arming the leadership team and contractors with the public-facing image they desperately needed.

Stress Ninja Client Info Icons-30.jpg

Ki Body Care

Entrepreneurs often approach Jina in need of affordable, individualized design strategies to attract their target audience and Ki Body Care was no exception. Along with being a top rates massage therapist, Kiley sells handmade organic body products that needed a branding solution with artisan appeal. The design process was quick and easy because she immediately loved the branding options she was presented with, and the print collateral that followed.

Head Massage
Ki Icons-SFW4.png
Ki Icons-SFW2.png
Ki Icons-SFW5.png
Ki Icons-SFW.png
Ki Icons-SFW3.png
Dr. Kimber LOGO_V2-02.png

Dr. Steve Kimber

Acupuncture Therapy

Doctor Kimber needed a logo (a name badge design) that captured the actuality of acupuncture. Jina solution: create an adaption of an acupuncture needle intertwined with the caduceus (that rod with wings and two snakes medical symbol thingy). Dr. Kimber loved the logo mark so much, he wondered why he hadn't thought of the idea himself. 

Dr. Kimber Name Tag_on white-03.png
TK Con Logo WHITE.png

TK Consulting

Tavia Rhodes is a whiz when it comes to fundraising for non-profit organizations, and she needed a brand to visually represent her talents and know-how. As a client who came to Jina without preconceptions about her brand’s look-n-feel, Jina went through a massive logo exploration and color pallet investigation to choose the artistic intricacies that spoke to her values and landed with her ideal clients. 

Seattle Career Coaching Logo.png

Seattle Career Coaching

Michael Perera, of Seattle Career Coaching needed a logo that was distinctly Seattle. Jina created a modern logo showing Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle. Additionally, she created a community flyer, advertising SCC offerings, which attracted collage grads and budding executives to call for services. 


Dexter Physical Therapy


Jody Dexter, an independent physical therapist in Seattle, WA was setting up her new practice and needed a logo that portrayed movement, rehabilitation and total unification of the human body. Jina went to work delivering over 15 logos to choose from, and landing with this peaceful, modern mark that succinctly brings together all of Jodys' logo needs. 

4 Corners Merchant

The logo for Four Corners Merchants was created to symbolize a world market, and one sun that is cast upon the whole world; plus  show sophistication  with timelessness. Jina offered 13 original logos and six compelling color pallets to start.

4 Corners Merchants_CMKY.png
The Madison Team Logo-SFW-01.png

The Madison Team

The Madison Team is a well established office furniture curation business. They needed a new, modern logo and print collateral for upcoming events, and to target a new generation of office furniture buyers. It was necessary that the logo show office furniture, so the viewer has an idea of what The Madison Team is. 

Nancy Ishi Logo-SFW.png

Acupuncture at Grace Unfolding

Nancy Ishii is a master Acupuncturist. She owns a private practice and needed a new sign for her business. In creating the sign, Jina ended up designing a new logo, as Nancy didn't  have one. She pitched one idea and Nancy loved it. The logo is very readable while driving by, showing an acupuncture needle as part of the name of her business. 


OnSite Counselor 


When OnSite Counselor was formed, Jina was recruited to put their branding ducks in a row. She did the usual groundwork of understanding the business, defining a public facing persona, developed the total look-n-feel, and came up with guidelines for visually representing these aspects. Jina created a light and relaxed logo, plus fun business papers and a very simple four page website. 

OnSight Counselor Logo_FInal-01.png
SD LOGO_SFW-02.png


SuperDope came to Jina needing a logo that was modern and throwback. They wanted their cannabis brand to pop on the shelves and online. Jina presented the owners with 11 original logo options ranging from rasta to ultra minimal. In the end two versions of this bold and psychodelic logo were created through the iterative process. Additionally, Jina created landing pages, print collateral and the full website is in the works.  

SD LOGO_No LEAF-13-13.png
LOGO-Wholesale Program 4BSite

StewMac Wholesale Program

StewMac has been offering guitar making supplies since 1968 and recently wanted to give more benefits to their larger scale customers. At the onset of the Wholesale Program, they called upon Jina for a logo, sales sheets and online ads. She presented nearly 20 effective logos, landing at one that evolves the brand while reportedly resonates with nearly every large scale customer. 

Stanton Logo_White.png

Stanton's Home Inspection

Stanton's Home Inspection Services was a well established business that just needed a facelift. Jina quickly created a new brand identity, including a logo and a responsive website. Shortly after the identity and website launch, Stanton was noticed by a tech startup in the real estate space who needed a full time inspector and the rest is history. Great branding makes a big difference. 

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