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WHEN                  WORKING WITH JINA

What to 

When clients choose Jina they're choosing a careful listener and vision interpreter.

Those that choose Jina usually do so based on word of mouth, a browse around the work on this website, and price. Once a project starts, we show that we're available at your convenience, and that work is delivered on time. Business owners, industry leader and entrepreneurs  expect help with brand refinement and messaging, and soon learn that's the least we can do. Clients feel free to request changes, plus give us feedback with confidence knowing we have the "what can we do for you" attitude, that they soon come to expect. 

Our Process

We offer many creative services and no matter which combo, the process looks like what we've illustrated below.* These major milestones can help clients understand where we're at along the way, and informs new Brandscape clients how easy it is to work with us.




02. Proposal

01. Consultation

03. Pay




05. Conceptualize 

& Design

06. Present &

Possible Changes

04. Discovery
& Research



07. Production

08. Delivery

09. Growth

Things Our

Clients Say

There's a lot of reasons why people are frightened to invest in their marketing and intentional brand design, mostly due to time and money. We understand, and we know that if you trust us, we'll deliver on your needs. But don't take our word for it, read what some of our clients have to say about it.  

"The Brandscape team listens closely to capture our vision, they work expediently to deliver products on-time every time, and they're flexible when we need to change directions. Jina is the most talented creative director and designer I’ve ever worked with."

Development Director

Evergreen Treatment Services

Tavia Rhodes

"The materials Brandscape has created for me are far better than I would have ever imagined. I had a rough idea of what I wanted and they were able to take those ideas and make them look far better than I imagined. Their experience, knowledge and personal talent shows in every project. Everything they do is top notch and perfected."

Nick Weder 


PF Fishpole Hoists & 

Electro Erosion Specialties

"Brandscspe is amazing. They really seek to understand what you want. They're competent, fast, friendly and clear to work with. Deliverables are high quality design! Great with digital and print materials. They care about making you happy, getting your style vs. other agencies who just want to do their own thing."

Jenny MacLeod

Author & Business Coach

Jenny Girl Friday

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