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UNLV has been making big changes to increase admissions and inform students about new money-saving housing opportunities that would increase the quality of life for participating members. Partnering with Carvalho Creative in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jina art directed this year-long campaign that featured a visual text-message concept, coupled with actual students in their UNLV housing environment. Thanks to our exceptional social media and word-of-mouth strategies, the campaign was a hit on campus.

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By featuring actual students in the offered housing environment, other students that were in need of housing could absorb the "realness" of campus living and act fast, with our explicit calls to action.

Through strategically placed banners, ads and signage, students observed the housing campaign all around the U-district and around campus, triggering their need to act fast and get housed. 

UNLV Solution


On dorm tour days, students were given a printed card, or a digital pass, for admission to enter the dorms. This way the dorms stayed safe when admitting non-residence to tour students' living environments, and available units; and the cost of printing was saved on the estimation that most students would use the digital pass opposed to the paper pass. 



Thanks to the relentless efforts of the UNLV marketing department, coupled with this student housing campaign, student housing filled up faster than previous years, adding security to the university's income/debt ratio. And the diversity of students housed was greater, due to housing incentives and discounts. 


Jina knew the most popular way to communicate among the students was text message; therefore communicating with them this way, would be more effective than just another ad campaign. Through strategic placement of ads on the UNVL homepage, at bus stops, in corridors, around classrooms and the quad, students were constantly reminded of the housing opportunities that were available to them, and how UNLV dorms could save them money opposed to non-university living.

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