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Tavia Rhodes Music


Logo Design
Album Art

Responsive Website Design
Social Media Deliverables
Launch Party Print Collateral

Tavia Rhodes is a singer & songwriter who’s been sharing her vocal expertise with bands and groups for almost three decades. As soon as she broke out on her own, she needed a visual identity and advertising campaign that aligned with the depth of her music, that would propelled people to listen. 


Jina utilized photoshoot images of Tavia to create an image-driven campaign of marketing deliverables. This would quickly grab the attention of people who already knew of Tavia from performing in other bands, as well as be relatable within her genre for those who would become first time listeners. 

Jina & Tavia strategically timed social media posts and ads to successfully drive new listeners to download her music, while distributing  printed marketing materials at her private EP launch party to inform current fans of new, easier ways to download.

Tavia - The Solution

The site was created on the platform of Tavia's choice so, she could always be in control of future updates.

A landing page design was the best choice for Tavia, so visitors could quickly learn, then download music and subscribe.

Campaign photos were expertly utilized on the landing page to exude mystery and intrigue. The perfect match for Tavia's sound of deep dark indie.


Upon inception, Tavia's website took on the look and feel of the EP launch campaign. As time goes on it will be easily rebranded for the launch of every new album campaign, as is the case with most musicians. 

Right now site visitors are able to glean important information about Tavia that will excite her to listeners along with her music. 



Jina created Tavia's
logo by rendering a vector illustration of her signature. Can't get much more personal than that.

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