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Did you know that Jina was previously the Store Wide Art Director for Macy's? It's true! Along with being sought after for her visual design talent, she's sought after for her style and fashion savvy. For retail and fashion brands Jina brings on-trend, fashion forward, brand expertise that gets shoppers energized. Evidenced by creating and executing the most profitable annual campaign for Macy’s in 2009.

Fashion Model


To attract the target audience, design teams around the world keep in mind to constantly reinforce the brand, and the brand message. Macy's has several target audiences and one requirement for every audience is to always feature the Macy's star in the marketing materials. No matter how creative Jina got with

any campaign, the idea that featured the most red and stars always won. Except when it came to gift cards. Gift cards were the one deliverable that she often had interesting and fun alternatives chosen to go public; mostly because they were sold in every department at the same time.



Macy's is known for sales. So naturally over time, people on the mailing list reported sales-fateague. Jina needed to deliver a way to engage the loyal audience with the same old sale. That's right: the same sale needed to fetch new engagement. Jina did this by varying the kinds of mailers she created, from eight panel brochures, six panel brochures, invitations with fancy envelopes, postcards, cellophane wrapped look books and more. By utilizing a variety of direct mail forms, customers again started to feel like they were experiencing a new sale every time.


The Back to School ad campaign was always one of the most fun of the year. Because Jina was targeting a younger audience and parents / guardians, she could utilize trends and "what's hip now" to attract shoppers to the store and events. 

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As a global fashion retailer, Macy's carefully selected members of their creative teams that had their finger on the pulse of fashion, while wrapping it in a Macy's bow. As Art Director, Jina worked alongside buyers, stylists and photographers to make sure all images were shot as visualized, to design and deliver cohesive sales materials that boosted overall profits. 

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To drive traffic to the store, Macy's often launched a secret sale, and offered the best savings to our most loyal customers. Like all the  sales campaigns, each Secret Sale needed to look different so the customers would stay tuned in and show up. 



With the demand to move product growing increasingly high, Macy's ran multiple newspaper ads every day to attract the wiser generation clientele back to the store. Overtime Jina learned that storewide sales and household products were the most profitable when advertised in the newspaper.