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Elevate Nevada



Creative Direction
Total Design Overhaul
Photo Art Direction
Publication Design
Ad Design
Digital Advertising
Publication Management
Rebrand & Brand Management
Vendor Management
Print Collateral
Press Checks

The publisher of Elevate Magazine anticipated the legalization of marijuana in the state of Nevada and made it their mission to educate the masses on the benefits of medical marijuana. With this goal in mind, Elevate eliminated old stereotypes while supporting local growers, labs, dispensaries, and doctors. Jina was recruited for a six-month take over of the magazine, including creative direction for advertisers seeking design services. In that time she rebrand and redesign the total look-n-feel of this once floundering magazine, enhancing it’s shelf appeal, and being credited with helping gain over 75K in new ad contacts.

Elevate Logo KO-15.png

While Jina was at Elevate, she narrowed the magazine production time from four weeks to ten days, allowing more time to design compelling ad campaigns.  Because Jina redesigned the magazine to be as modern as the budding marijuana industry, she was credited with helping land the Range Rover account; Elevate's most lucrative advertiser at the time. 

Because Range Rover Las Vegas loved the look of the Elevate Magazine, and experienced a nice ROI, they paired with Elevate for Jina to design a cross-promotional ad campaign to be featured at Las Vegas shopping destinations, as well as on stationary and mobile billboards. The campaign could be seen on the strip and around the  affluent areas of Vegas.

Elevate Solutoin


The publishers of Elevate had a long history with weeklies in Las Vegas, and fought hard to let everyone know, who would listen, that print isn't dead. But every worthy publication has an online presence as well. Jina worked to define which online publication viewer Elevate would use and created the digital exports that made us live each month. This generated further exposure for advertisers and delivered great content to readers faster. 



Shaving 2.5 weeks off of the design and prepress timeline is an amazing accomplishment. Jina did so while still designing the guts, ads and half dozen cover options to choose from.



For magazine promo materials, Jina cerated a series of hip, minimal, and modern icons that represented the core of what our medical marijuana magazine covered.

Elevate Icons--08.png
Elevate Icons--06.png
Elevate Icons--07.png
Elevate Icons--03.png
Elevate Icons--02.png
Elevate Icons--04.png


During the time Jina redesigned and produced Elevate Magazine, she and the Editor Beth Schwartz worked on topics such as breast cancer, PTSD, ALS, CTE, and more; plus  groundbreaking topics like legalizing  marijuana in the state of Nevada. With a network of doctors, lawyers, labs and retailers, businesses were better able to sustain themselves when marijuana did become legal in 2016 (two years after Elevate was launched). And thousands of medical patients were exposed to possible alternative treatments to help with pain and quality of life.  

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