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Website Audit & Consultation

Responsive Web Redesign

David Boyd of Down to Earth Cuisine needed a website – fast. To match the style of his haute cuisine, his vision was modern and sleek. Jina stepped up and designed a minimal yet fanciful site, slimming down the pages, showing off all the offerings and strategically leading the user to contact the business to book a consultation.



Like every decent website, Jina made the Down to Earth Cuisine Website responsive across the board. This is one great aspect of choosing the correct on-demand platform—for clients who want to take over design and updates when the site is approved: Updating each device-view is easy breezy.


David Boyd is a masterful chef who offers weekly meals for humans and animals, in-home dining for parties of all sizes, as and caters the events you can't wait to go to. With over fifteen years of experience leading kitchens in the finest restaurants, David branched out on his own to start the Down to Earth Cuisine cooking empire. In the beginning, budgets were lean and a site

was erected so he could "just get something out there." As time passed, it became clear that his site needed to look as great as his award winning plating; so he called Jina to take on the task. His vision was for Jina to design the site, then hand it over to his in-house team to update after completion. And that's where the site is now.

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 "I was a member of Jina's  focus group, where we saw website ideas and talked through the likelihood of buying chef services based on what we saw. I was blown away with the amount of modernity that Jina brought to such a simple website. The site before was hard to get around and didn't make me feel confident about the chef services. When Brandscape was done with the site, I felt that the brand elements, images of food, and overall sleekness of the site made me want to visit it often just to see what Chef David is cookin' up, and what he could possibly do for me."

Amy Thomas

Mother / Cook / House Manager

The homepage immediately shows stunning imagery of Chef David's award winning plating, so, first thing, the end user sees that they will be getting a haute-cuisine experience.

Answering common questions ASAP encourages the end-user to stay on the site, as their experience turns from mystery to intrigue.

Showing the team was pivotal for the target market to understand that David's operation is large enough to handle the big functions and diverse enough to accommodate any palette

Testimonials reinforce that greatness is observed by the most important people: customers like you. And Instagram galleries show business is busy and well connected, plus capable of cross promotion for B2B engagement.

To add credibility to Chef's services, Jina placed a reasonable amount of professional associations on the site, but made them non-clickable to keep viewers on the site

Down to Earth Soluton

Upgrading the Website, to Upgrade Meals Around Seattle.

Many times the first interaction a customer has with a brand is the website. When working with Chef David, we made it our job to create a site that displayed visual  excellence comparable to the quality of Chef David's work.


Jina knew that the right combo of info needed to be put together so that the mobile viewer could absorb more and click less. That's how the Services & Chefs page was born. Focus groups let Jina know that most viewers would first look for price / service, then try to learn about the chefs, hence putting all of that on one page. 


Changing the Cooks in the Kitchen

Often times clients want to take control of their website after it's been designed. Jina sets up clients for success to do just that. She picks the best on-demand platform for each client's needs, or she designs for them on the platform they've already set up, if that makes most sense. 


One of the best ways to attract clients to Down to Earth Cuisine is to let clients know that Chef David will meet them where they're at..quite literally by cooking in their home and also through dietary needs.

This menus page informs viewers that their unique dietary desires could be met with tasty, one of a kind food.


They say, "We eat with our eyes before our mouths.” This idea was Jina's northstar while designing this website to visually persuade the audience to choose Chef David as their personal chef and for weekly mean plan services. Down to Earth cuisine makes beautiful food that tastes even better, and Jina was determined to show it off. For this site, Jina incorporated custom video, custom photography, carefully crafted copy, and a great layout to let Chef David's audience know that he takes his total business very seriously, from the work he puts on the plate, to his advertising and marketing; and for that, he would only choose Jina.

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