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Builders Interiors


Responsive Web Design
User Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)

Builders Interiors is a locally owned small business that works diligently to provide stellar products and services to their customers. They are experts at delivering on the promise of beautiful flooring and masterful countertops, so they had little time to think about a website redesign. Fortunately for them, the genius developers over at the The Main Branch chose Jina to come up with the look-n-feel of two responsive website concepts that engaged the target audience and drove more business to the showroom.


Jina explained the advantages of each design concept, resulting in a soft-sell-forward approach that resonates with Builders Interiors high class service and, "buy now because you will never find a better price," approach.

Builders Interors


The site needed to continue featuring the BI key products: carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, slab & vinyl plank. To move the end user to those pages as quickly as possible, Jina designed a sub menu with easy to understand icons and words, appealing to visual learners and everyone else.  


Jina designed a library of clean, modern iconography to help define each product in Builders Interiors product suite. These icons were then utilized as UI navigational elements, helping users 
locate and digest product information more quickly, while emphasizing the overall brand style.

BI Icon_Carpet.png
BI Icon_Tile.png
BI Icon_Wood.png
BI Icon_Slab.png
Logo Builders Interiors-SFW-01.png

Jina created a new logo for Builder Interiors, that modernises their original logo. 


The Builders Interiors team wants clients to know that they work with builders, remodelers, architects and DIY'ers, from the start of their project to the end (if needed), ensuring that the right products are sourced, and installed at a masterful level. We reinforced this idea by rewriting syscinct and informative copy, and showing audience-appealing imagery in strategic areas of the website.


The team at Builders Interiors wanted a new website to keep up the momentum of their success. The decision makers had little time to fuss over design intricites, so the site was created fast! The solution was to modernize the website with typography and stunning photography of product, and inspiring rooms, plus give the end-users something to buzz about through the BI blog.


The top two sections of the homepage offer three ways to get to product pages, while being neatly tucked into informative graphics. 

The inspiration section shows stunning rooms from BI product partners. Cross advertising makes product partners happy and informs the public of BI product sourcing capability. 

Every section of the website shows product images, actual client photos, and partner product images. 

The site was designed to be sleek and modern. This family owned business is just as classy as they are scrappy. 


"Working with the Builders Interiors team, and our partners at The Main Branch on this project was incredibly fulfilling, and we’re excited for the website to go live. Together we created a website built to last, just like the sproducts sold at Builder Interiors." 

Jina Hustler-Constantin, 


Logo PhotoFEIM-KO-01.png
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