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Ballard Food Bank


UX Design
UI Design

Responsive Web Redesign
Brand Redesign

Ballard Food Bank (BFB) is an exceptional resource to the Ballard community, offering healthy food options, access to social and medical services, financial assistance, cooking classes, and so much more. At the time Jina was involved, BFB wanted a new look, and public facing collateral to achieve their outreach initiatives.

Ballard Food Bank, Grocery Store Style Shopping.  


It all started with the rebrand. Because the shoppers of BFB come from all walks of life, Jina knew that the rebrand needed a wide reaching look-&-feel. Two options were presented that included bold recognizable colors, a logo re-think, typographic standards, branded images, an icon system and new layouts for annual deliverables like brochures and newsletters. Armed with these resources the pros at BFB could take on future media projects in-house.

BFB Solution

Downtown Ballard, Seattle, WA

"We are really thrilled with how this came together and look forward to bringing it to life soon. Jina gets major kudos for doing an incredible job!"

Joy Portella, Minerva Strategie

(Managing Communications Agency) 





it's important

that  we grabbed the attention of the  top three public facing audiences first:

- Shoppers

- Service Seekers

- volunteers

After the new brand standards were approved, Jina went to work redesigning the BFB website, so that members of the community would have an easy-to-use invitation to the food bank. Part of the challenge was ushering  three separate audiences to the specific website location that would quickly inform, and lead to action. This was done on the homepage by simply, first, confronting each end-user with a button that led them to the part of the website that would suit them best. 

BFB offers a grocery store style shopping. That's why we featured this image first. Food Banks have come a long way and we aim to erase the stigma of poverty related  to food.  

Next, it's important to grab the attention of the top three public facing audiences first:

- Shoppers

- Service Seekers

- Volunteers

And lastly, the homepage let shoppers know which days they would have access to the core services. This section of the website clicks through to the full calendar. 

The responsive website can be viewed properly on every device, meeting the needs of community members who mainly access the internet through their phones.


The Ballard Food Bank rebrand and website projects empowered the organization to advertise in an engaging way that is indicative of the high level of service they offer to the community. Additionally, the website quickly informs donors of the public facing programs that are currently available. 



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